Telehealth Services

At Giles Eye Care we now offer telehealth services, enabling you the patient to have your health care issues addressed without presenting to the office and having a face-to-face encounter. Although not appropriate for all circumstances and given the current COVID-19 crisis, you can initiate a video conference or phone call with the doctor by calling 207-775-6533 or emailing

Telehealth eye appointmentMost health care providers have stopped seeing patients face-to-face during the current COVID-19 crisis. Of course, patients can still be seen when deemed necessary or they can present to the local emergency department. Social distancing is good for preventing the spread of disease and it has also led us to rethink the way we deliver care for specific cases.

The opportunity to use telehealth to provide care, for the most part, was previously unavailable. Telehealth was practiced by few providers and health insurers were reluctant to embrace the practice. However, recent COVID-19 crisis related federal mandates now enable most practitioners to use video conferencing or when necessary a phone call to provide some care to patients.

Many providers and health policy regulators predict that the current rapid switch to telehealth will permanently reshape the way some health care is provided long after the current crisis.

Be well,

Tracy Giles, OD