Vision Benefits – Use Them or Lose Them

You may have the impression your vision benefits in your Flexible Spending Account (FSA) will automatically roll over into next year. The fact is whatever money you “don’t use, you lose”. Vision Benefits – Who Do You Lose Them To? Typically you lose your vision benefits to the owner of the FSA who is most […]

How is Your Night Vision?

“Fall Back – Spring Forward” never changes but your night vision may.  What can losing an extra hour of daylight tell us about our night vision? Plenty! Sure, we gain an extra hour of sleep, but as a result of the time change we’re driving back from work in the dark. And, that can reveal […]

Back to School Eye Exam

Students in Portland Maine and surrounding communities will soon be heading back to school. Now is a great time to schedule your child’s back to school eye exam. “Over the years we’ve helped numerous children optimize their learning experience by detecting and correcting eye conditions,” said Dr.Tracy Giles, OD of Giles Eyecare. The American Optometric […]