Back to School Eye Exam

Students in Portland Maine and surrounding communities will soon be heading back to school. Now is a great time to schedule your child’s back to school eye exam. “Over the years we’ve helped numerous children optimize their learning experience by detecting and correcting eye conditions,” said Dr.Tracy Giles, OD of Giles Eyecare.

The American Optometric Association recommends a child’s first comprehensive eye examination by the first year of school, if not earlier. Only a comprehensive eye examination by a professional can detect the variety of eye conditions, which might impede a child’s learning.

Back to School Eye Exam or School Vision Screening

School sponsored vision checks are not the comprehensive eye exams your local optometrist or ophthalmologist provide. Studies show that 50% or more of vision and eye problems are missed when only a vision screening is completed. Furthermore, nearly two-thirds of children found with vision problems through screening alone, never see their optometrist, according to the AOA.

Symptoms Can Be Subtle

Blurry vision, headaches or eye strain, especially when doing reading or close work, are a few of the more obvious signs of a potential problem. Other symptoms may include short attention span, reading or close work avoidance and frequent rubbing or blinking of the eyes.

It’s Not Just About Having 20/20 Vision

Many parents assume if their child has 20/20 vision all must be well. While 20/20 is a good start, problems with focusing, eye coordination, eye tracking and even minor eye health issues may contribute to less than optimal performance in the classroom.

In addition, the eye exam gives the eye doctor an opportunity to discuss extracurricular activities that possibly require special eyewear such as protective sports glasses or swim goggles.

Ensure that your child has the best opportunity to excel and protect their eyes. Schedule your child’s back to school eye examination today.


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